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The Tennis Blog

Tennis Skirts: Things to Consider When Buying

Although skirts have been used by women tennis players for many years, it's only a few decades back that short skirts made an entry on the courts. Floor length skirts were common back then, until the trend changed and tennis skirts started getting shorter and shorter. This made manufacturers incorporate in-built panties to ensure players didn't require special undergarments. Functional fabrics and fashionable outfits are nowadays the norm. Here is a helpful guide whenever you're buying tennis skirts.




Banded and elastic are the most common waist styles found in tennis gear. A banded waist is likely to help you feel more secure, while an elastic waist is stretchy, making it more comfortable and simpler to wear. Both options come in different widths.  A waistband that is both wide and flat is considered comfortable, and even fashionable by some, though it might not be a good fit for a full-figured player.


In-built Shorts


Most tennis shops sell skirts with an in-built short, typically referred to as a compression short since they are form-fitting. Some compression shorts have a compartment for holding tennis balls when serving, and the player can even tuck the tennis ball beneath the fabric. Compression shorts offer the advantage of not moving around since they are similar to bicycle shorts. If you want to learn more about tennis, you can visit



Polyester fabric leads the pack when compared to others since it keeps the player comfortable, dry, and cool. Cotton made tennis skirts are available as well, though they are not as cooling and stretchy as polyester. What is more, polyester dries quickly, making it ideal for active sportswear for ladies.




White was preferred in the past since it concealed sweat marks. The trend hasn't changed today, as evident with the white dress code in Wimbledon. It goes without saying that keeping whites spotless is an arduous task. Fortunately, you have a wide range of colors to choose from at your local tennis store. Now that fabrics come in vivid colors, there are many options that buyers can work with.




The last thing you want is looking weird as a cow on roller skates by wearing an over-sized tennis skirt. Save yourself such embarrassment by figuring out your hip and waist size. A measuring tape will ensure you get the best fit. A ruler and a long piece of thread will also work. Your tennis online store will probably have a size chart on their website.


The above guidelines will help you whenever you're shopping for a tennis skirt. Always play using the recommended tennis rackets and tennis shoes nike so as to ensure you're always safe on the court.